SpicMacay Youth Festival In association with District Administration

     SpicMacay in association with Saharanpur district Administation  is celebrating a five-day youth festival for the youth, along with their parents to conserve and promote a priceless cultural heritage to the walks of life. This is, in fact, the hidden agenda of this Festival
World renowned personalities like Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Shujaat Khan,Raja & Radha Reddy, Madhvi Mudgal, Sudip Gupta are performing in this festival .Volunteers come from all varied aspirations and skills. They give some of their time to a cause for larger good and outside of their immediate self-interest. The emphasis is on participation without hierarchy the formalism and this festival will continue every year for all that is beautiful, lofty and wholesome, of the sensitive, kind and gentle human being who is inspired and in turn inspires.
              Through this festival SPIC MACAY’s introduction of the lec-dem (lecture-demonstration) format to present Indian classical art forms in a comprehensive manner in front of today’s youth, led to improved understanding of the basics of the classical art forms like the mudras and bhavas and the structure of the ragas, thus popularizing them amongst the youth, who have little or no understanding of these aspects. On the other hand, to give our artistes a chance to undertake an inward journey and reach depths of performance, and thereby take us along too, SPIC MACAY organizes performances while creating the ambience conducive for touching the highest heights, both by the artists and the rasikas, too.
Programme Shedule

19th Jan 2014                                          Sudip Gupta- Dolls Puppet theatre
20th Jan 2014                                          Madhvi Mudgal- Odissi dance
21th Jan 2014                                          Shujaat Hussain Khan- Sitar
22th Jan 2014                                          Raja Radha Reddy- Kuchipudi dance
23th Jan 2014                                          Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma- Santoor

Collect cards from Hotel Grand Gill colony,Entery free if come 15 minute before.  

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